The Nomad’s Quest Story

Robert Winter Hughes

In 1997 I opened a retail store named Nomad’s Trading Company. At the time, I depended on wholesalers to supply a variety of unique, handmade items from different parts of the world. By 1999 I started Nomad’s Import Company, and with a limited partnership, brought in 40ft. containers from Pakistan.

By 2001, I began traveling on my own, first to India, then to China and Peru. I bought everything from antique architectural elements, ethnic furniture, old textiles, to small items people enjoyed collecting, and also arranged to have certain products  manufactured.

When containers would arrive at my warehouse, retailers and interior designers would drive or fly in to purchase the new stock, and I would include some of the items in my retail store. In time, I began delivering my products to stores in 10 different states.

One of my best clients had routinely bought merchandise for his six stores in Texas. In 1994, at his request, I started doing trips on his behalf, finding the things he wanted, and included many fine antiques. That is how Nomad’s Quest, a personalized service, began.

Little did I know years before when I was teaching at universities, and painting for galleries, that I would someday travel in this direction. Those experiences, and subsequently becoming a business owner provided a unique combination that created a sharp eye, an ability to work with people, and a discernment that would ultimately benefit my clients today.

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